Jet Thruster 50 – combi

10.121,12 (VAT 22% incl)

Pump unit JT-50-Compact JT-50-50-24V 1x
3-Way valve V-100-58 2x
Pump outlet of choice 1x
Hose clamp 60-76mm I-116-00 12x
Hose connector (Composite) I-164-00 4x
Elbow 45° 2’’ (Composite) I-316-GF-00 4x
Ball valve 2” (SS316) I-321-00 4x
Hose 58mm I-113-52 15mtr
Nozzle’s of choice 4x
Water inlet 3” (Composite) I-302-GF-00 1x
Elbow 90° 3”-> 2,5’’ (Composite) I-346-GF-00 1x
Ball valve 2,5” (SS316) I-105-00 1x
Hose connector 2,5” (SS316) I-310-00 1x
Hose 3”/76mm L=1m I-312-00 1x
Hose clamp 77-94mm I-331-00 2x
Fuse holder+fuse I-254-01 1x
Battery main switch E-102-00 1x
Series parallel switch I-356-00 1x
Control panel with Joystick I-150-50 1x
Cable: Controller to Joystick E-301-00 1x
Cable: Controller power cable E-304-00 1x

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