Demand for fresh water has increased dramatically in recent decades.

Many of us now expect daily fresh water showers, pressurized plumbing, and unlimited drinking/washing water. Having an operational desalination system available provides independence and flexibility.

Onboard, a Rainman watermaker provides a clean, reliable and convenient source of water regardless of your location on the globe. Onshore, Rainman Watermakers provides property owner, rescue team, survivalist and off-grid facilities with both a clean and reliable source of fresh, clean drinking water for personal and operational use.

Until now, the only option has been a complex and proprietary built-in desalination system. The high cost, complexity and maintenance requirements of such systems have been daunting, often requiring static downtime and technician call outs when maintenance or repair is required.

Introducing the worlds first simple, low maintenance and inexpensive watermaker that doesn’t need to be installed and is built to operate as a fully functional primary system – providing an uninterrupted water supply, and peace of mind that won’t break the bank.

With a range of portable and installation Rainman Watermakers and Desalination systems, these simple to operate watermakers are capable of producing up to an impressive 140 liters Per Hour, and if the requirement to permanently or partially install your Rainman Watermaker into your vessel exists, these systems can be integrated at will, without a complex installation.

Advantages of Rainman system:

  • you don’t need to install the system.
  • Ten minutes after receiving the system, you have fresh drinking water on board
  • No extra holes in your hull.
  • If you are space constrained, you can remove the system
  • If maintenance is required, you bring the system to a technician rather than a technician coem to your boat.
  • When you upgrade your boat, you take the system with you. Installing a system in your boat will not add that much value to your boat.
  • You can loan it to a friend.
  • You can easily resell the system if you are no longer getting use out of the system.
  • In the charter fleet it is simply transferred from boat to boat.

Rainman Watermakers are award-winning compact and portable desalination systems converting seawater to drinking water, designed for the marine environment, and manufactured using the latest top shelf components from names such as General Pump, DOW, Jabsco and Wave Cyber.

Proudly manufactured in Sydney, Australia by