Do you have a problem when maneuvering your boat in tight marina locations? Then let us introduce JetThruster – your problem will be solved and you will enjoy your carefree voyage!

JET THRUSTER system is based on the absorption of external water through the side nozzles at the stern and/or bow. JET THRUSTER system consists of a powerful centrifugal pump, 3-way valve and electronic surveillance. Since JET THRUSTER does not apply propeller it is functioning without substantial cavitation noise.

JET THRUSTER does not require the classic tunnel and openings in the hull have a diameter of only 60mm. Therefore, the JET THRUSTER is suitable for installation on vessels where the classical systems has too little space. Moreover, the spray nozzles can be mounted on the extreme end of the vessel and thus increases the efficiency and maneuverability.

JET THRUSTER is an innovative system suitable for installation in all types of vessels. Relatively simple installation can be performed in any shipyard or marina, and is usually faster in comparison with the installation of tunnel thrusters.

JET THRUSTER proudly designed and manufactured in the Netherlands by Holland Marine Parts

This year we are celebrating its 10th birthday.

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