HM Digital COM-80 TDS Hydrotester

90,28 (VAT 22% incl)

Measure nutrients, salts, and other dissolved solids.

  • Four modes: EC: mS, uS, TDS: ppt, ppm.
  • Fast and accurate, +/-2%
  • Simple to use
  • Digital calibration
  • Water resistant


  •     Auto shut off after five minutes
  • EC to TDS conversion factor: NaCl (0.5 avg)
  • Auto temperature compensation (ATC)

    Hold function

  • Power: 3 x 1.5V (357A)
  • Battery life: approximately 2 years

Dimensions: Length 153mm (6.0″), Width 32mm (1.3″), Height 18mm (0.7″)

Weight: 53.9g (1.9oz)

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