Rainman Watermaker

Rainman Watermaker

Rainman Watermaker

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are at sea and out of fresh water? Does installation and/or cost of classical watermaker causes a major problem? We have the solution for you. Introducing Rainman - portable watermaker – through which drinking water is accessible in less than two minutes.

Advantages of Rainman system:

  • you don't need to install the system. Ten minutes after receiving the system, you can be making fresh drinking water.
  • If you are a cruiser and a racer, you can easily offload about 2/3 of a crew member in weight by putting the watermaker ashore.
  • No extra holes in your hull.
  • If you are space constrained, you can remove the system for more people and gear for short trips.
  • If maintenance is required, you bring the system to a technician rather than a technician to your boat.
  • When you upgrade your boat, you take the system with you. Installing a system in your boat will not add that much value to your boat.
  • You can loan it to a friend.
  • You can easily resell the system if you are no longer getting use out of the system.
  • In the charter fleet it is simply transferred from vessel to vessel.


  1. Boaters: greatly extends the period of sailing – with reliable watermaker you do not need to return to marina
  2. The owners of houses near the sea
  3. 4WD off road
  4. Civil protection - in case of natural disasters
  5. Army


Portable RAINMAN WATERMAKER NOW FROM 4.768 EUR ON (price exclude VAT)!



Electric AC RainMan - high output (100-140 l/h)  
Electric AC RainMan - high output (100-140 l/h) - naked  
Electric AC RainMan - compact (50-70 l/h)   
Electric AC RainMan - compact (50-70 l/h) - naked  
Electric AC RainMan - economy (without case)  
Petrol RainMan - high output (100-140 l/h)  
Petrol RainMan -high output (100-140 l/h) - GOL  
Petrol RainMan - compact (50-70 l/h)     
Petrol RainMan - compact (50-70 l/h) - naked  
Petrol RainMan - economy (without case)  
Pressure Washer Gun      
Pre-filter Cartage      
COM80 Hydrotester      
Jabsco Impeller      
Brakish Water Flow gauge      


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Rainman Watermaker
Rainman Watermaker
Rainman Watermaker
Rainman Watermaker

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