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No matter whether your yacht needs repair due to damage or because you want to renovate it, we offer repair, monitoring and reports of repair and ensure that the project is completed in accordance with agreed standards. Satisfied customers have seen that our work is professional and job is done within agreed terms. We care for your carefree holiday!

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Your vessel is maintained so that it remains safe, pleasant to stay and maintains a long life span. We connect skilled nautical experts, engineers and professionals from various fields .

We offer:

  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work
  • inspection and maintenance of electronic and navigation systems
  • inspection and maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • inspection and maintenance of other systems
  • repairs of the interior
Learn more about review

Our review process is based on more than 15 years of experience in quality control in the construction of vessels and aftermarket solving problems. A thorough review process includes:

  • A review of the standard equipment of the vessel
  • Accessories overview
  • Verification of legal obligations (if the boat is built in accordance with the regulations)
  • The operational review (operation of instruments and systems)
  • The security inspection (the reliability of installed security systems and their operation)
  • Documents review (if there are instructions present for the installed equipment and the proper application forms)
  • We make sure you will enjoy uninterrupted very first hours of driving with your new boat!
Learn more about counseling

Need help with the purchase of the vessel, service, or would like to buy any of the products in our sales network? Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Learn more about the platform

Is a web application developed for supporting sales, marketing and after-sales functions of companies manufacturing vessels.

Our experience in the nautical industry has been successfully complemented by our knowledge of software. After years of testing and adjusting we have finally created a product that we can offer on the market.

Its main benefits are:

  • boat owners data base
  • all main communication on one place
  • monitoring of Dealer’s activities,
  • overview for management or supervisors
  • warranty cost control,
  • spare parts logistic and price list for spare parts
  • all information for dealers at one place
  • Owner’s manual and technical information

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